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Why have a corporate blog?

When the internet really took off during the 00s the blog became its most popular way for people to express themselves. Initially the blog mainly served as a public diary for individuals looking to share everyday events, traveling stories or other parts of their lives. As some bloggers started accumulating large followings the commercial potential of the platform quickly became evident. Pretty soon product placements and advertisements could be found at many popular blogs, and the bloggers themselves achieved celebrity status which corporations gladly bought into through invitations to events or sponsorships.

Over time the circumstances changed as many took their online activities to various social media platforms instead of the classic blogs. At the same time more and more companies started their own blogs instead of just collaborating with existing content creators. By now you have undoubtedly both heard of and visited a whole bunch of corporate blogs. But why are they so popular, and do they provide more than just the occasional pleasant read for visitors?

Should companies blog?

The short answer is “absolutely!” It is no coincidence that the blog has been all but taken over from private individuals by the corporations, and the benefits of maintaining a blog related to the business are many.

Here are some of the most important reasons for maintaining a corporate blog.

  • A corporate blog provides value for the customer. If a customer on the search for a car visits the retailer’s website and finds, apart from the business practicalities, an article comparing the car models that they might be interested in, the experience will be much nicer and more valuable to them. This is comparable to walking into a store where you can chat with the employees about the products as opposed to just shopping.
  • Good content is shared. When a visitor is amused, impressed or in another way affected by interesting content on a corporate website they are likely to share it on social media where its message has the chance of reaching hundreds more.
  • Blogs are good for SEO. Working with Search Engine Optimization to climb on search rankings is a must for any company in today’s Google-dominated world. The more and better content you create connected to your work, the higher your website will rank when people search for words and phrases related to your line of business.
  • Your brand positioning is strengthened. By adding valuable content you show your customers that you have more to offer beyond goods and services. You can exhibit your expertise within the business, entertainment value, innovative thinking or whatever it is that your brand stands for. During a physical meeting with potential customers you inspire trust through the way you talk and the subjects you talk about. A corporate blog gives you the opportunity to do the same online.
  • Learn more about your customers. Through among other things page statistics, information about search queries and comments from visitors a corporate blog can teach you plenty about what your potential customers are looking for, where they are and how they prefer to find the solutions you are offering.

There are many more reasons to have a corporate blog, but in the end they all boil down to the most important argument; corporate blogs drive sales.

The problem for many entrepreneurs and businesses is finding the time and inspiration to create content. Many might have ideas but struggle getting the words out. In these situations it could be useful to get assistance from someone who specializes in writing so that you can devote your time and effort to your core business instead.

AYZ offers flexible writing services which take into account your brand identity whether you already have ideas for topics or need help with the creative aspect as well. If you are considering setting up a corporate blog or need help maintaining one you already have, feel free to reach out on contact@ayzwriting.com or through the form on the contact page.

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