The Brand Identity Model

The Brand Identity Model, or Brand Identity Prism as it is also known, was first conceptualized by world-renowned expert on brand theory and management Jean-Noël Kapferer in 1986. Its elegant yet exhaustive take on brand identity is used by marketing strategists across the planet to build, describe and compare brands. Before any writing begins with AYZ the client’s brand will be analyzed through this model to ensure that each word of the texts provided stays true to the brand identity.

The six sides of the prism represent six brand attributes which combine to form a rallying cry.

1. Capabilities
What the brand does and how.
2. Internal Culture & Values
The core beliefs of the brand.
3. Noble Purpose
The larger goals or ambitions served by the brand.
4. Personality
The style in which the brand delivers its capabilities.
5. Shared Values & Community
The ideas or passions shared by both the brand and its customers.
6. Aspirational Self-Image
How customers want to be seen or feel when using the brand.
7. Rallying cry
A vision or slogan which captures the brand's six attributes.