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Boys Peek Through Fence | AYZ writing
Want to write great content? Follow this article series to learn how. Part two: Be curious!
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Girl listening to gramophone | AYZ writing
Want to write great content? Follow this article series to learn how. Part one: Listen!
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If you have had the opportunity to study marketing or branding theory you are most probably familiar with the name Jean-Noël Kapferer. His vast contribution to the field cannot be overstated, with his books being used for tutoring students and guiding brand managers around the world. Perhaps the most iconic piece of his legacy is...
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It may seem strange to throw up an “open for business” sign more than a year after the first few posts on this blog were published, but the key word here is not so much open, but rather business. While AYZ writing has been around since the fall of 2017, it just recently took the...
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Företagsblogg |
When the internet really took off during the 00s the blog became its most popular way for people to express themselves. Initially the blog mainly served as a public diary for individuals looking to share everyday events, traveling stories or other parts of their lives. As some bloggers started accumulating large followings the commercial potential...
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The concept of brands is something which has always attracted me as they are arguably the most essential element of any business venture, yet when created and developed well brands have the potential to outlive not only the people and the company that created them, but even the entire industry they first operated within. A...
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USA UK flag |
I prefer to write in English. Not only write, I actually prefer to converse in English as well and believe that I most of the time think in English, though I have never managed to confirm this as thoughts seem to me similar to electrons which behave differently when you observe them. If you are...
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